COVID-19 Information

What measure will Poppy Patch take to ensure children and staff remain safe?

The safety of our students and staff are our top priority. We are monitoring the regulations in place and will take all necessary precautions necessary to provide a safe learning environment for as long as necessary. This may include: 


  • Taking temperatures of students and staff before entering the classroom as well as monitoring throughout the day.

  • An increased focus on hand washing and other forms of hygiene.

  • Maintaining a limited number of staff.

  • Encouraging social distancing as much as possible.

  • Reorganizing classes to limit potential exposure.


Once we have determined those guidelines, we will send them to all families.


Will Poppy Patch’s status change if we see a resurgence of the virus?


We are treating this as a fluid situation and will adjust as necessary. This includes more safety measures and re-closing the school if necessary. We will keep families updated of progress.


What will happen if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?


If this occurs, we will immediately shutdown that stage and review the amount of exposure. If necessary, we will re-close the school.


Will we be able to access any personal effects at the school?


Once we reopen June 1, all families will have access to personal belongings, whether their child is attending at that time or not.